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    The world is very strange. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year after a new primary care doctor went the extra mile in ordering tests and eventually referred me to a rheumatologist, who diagnosed Graves. The key symptom was weight loss. Well, last week I took one of my cats to the vet, who remarked that she had lost a couple of pounds since her previous visit. She’s not a large cat to begin with, so this was something he wanted to investigate. He ordered lab tests and today called me to say she has hyperthyroidism! Of course it’s not “contagious,” and it’s not as if I passed it to her, but I think it’s such a bizarre coincidence. When the vet started talking about treatment and mentioned RAI, it was “been there, done that.” We’re going to start with medication and see how that goes. She’s 15 years old, and I don’t want to put her through anything too traumatic at that age. Fortunately we live in a large metropolitan area with many specialty vets, and there’s also a veterinary medical school at a university less than an hour away. If she does need anything that my regular vet can’t offer, there are resources.