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    hi im meemee and im new here i was resently diagnosed with g.d. 2 years leading up to my diagnoses i had no energy i lost muscle mass in my arms and legs (especially on the left side) im so tired but i cant sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. i am 35 y/o as of today 9/2//13 and i have 2 girls ages 12 and 15.i recently ended a 13 yr relationship so now im a single mom . it seems like i cant catch my breath just walking up 5 steps my heart beats so fast it wakes me up from what ever little sleep i do get. my goiter is HUGE. i just started taking methimazole 20mg 1x day. propranolol 60mg 2x day.

    Diagnosed- Graves disease 8/6/13
    T3 free 2.30 – 4.20 pg/mL 8.40 H
    Free T4 0.70 – 1.80 ng/dL 3.10