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    It’s ideal to be in a normal range for RAI bc, from what I understand, the thyroid “dumps” its stores of hormones in your system after RAI. So, you can have a serious surge of hormones that can make you really hyper for a period of time. The less hormone stored, the less severe the dump is.

    Sounds like you have a good endo. That is a plus! With RAI, you’d have to be away from your family for 8 days I think? I think that’s what I was told when I was given my options.

    Glad to hear you’re on a good path. It will get better. My liver enzymes were crazy high (8 times the normal range) and they were in normal range before I started methimazole, so ATD’s weren’t an option for me. Hopefully yours will be normal and give you time to think it all through. :)