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    Hi, everything that I have read, and heard presented in meetings, says that RAI is not the right choice for children. And that surgery, a thyroidectomy, is the right choice.

    As you clearly know, we are not doctors here, but I would try very hard to ask that you have a consult with a thyroid surgeon, and that you take her to a children’s hospital. Caregivers in regular hospitals that care for adults, are not at all familiar with care for children. Can you make this happen?

    I suggest you be very proactive with your endocrinologist (remember, you are concerned about the welfare and safety of your daughter, not if he will be made at you, or seem defensive. Ask him:
    1. you want to explore surgery at a children’s hospital
    2. you are concerned about the higher doses he proposes, for what you have learned, is those are too high a level of medication for a 3 year old. Can you do any of this?