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    Hi kimberley

    Just wanted to update you on my daughter. She was put on 30mg cabimozale for three months but this ceased to work. The endocrinologist has gone one step further and wants me to increase the dose to 35mg in divided doses for a month and if still jo joy put it up to 40mg for a month to see if this stabilises her vondition. I am very worried as it is over the maximum dose recommended and what side effects could it cause.

    The deadline is december and he said that rai would be next option but we need yo speak to a radiotherapist first. Very worried as she is very uoung to undergo this and noone seems to know what the risks involved are long term. Surgery is also an option if performed by an expert hut still that carries risks also. In such a dilemma as why do some doctors say rai and others say surgery is better taking in to account she only 3 years old.