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    I’m sorry, but I have to side with mslux on this one.

    And I’ll explain why.

    She spent her time and effort to write a very thought out post. Stating how doctors were treating her, she cited plenty of evidence to base her facts on.

    She knows this is graves related and was looking for answers on how ‘we’ graves patients deal with it.

    She only wanted affirmation from other people, more than likely to put her mind at ease. YET…

    Kimberly you basically slapped her in the face with “…other underling issues, perhaps you need to see a different doctor…” (sorry can’t remember the exact wording)

    You basically said she had cognitive issues from something OTHER than graves.

    So either you were not paying attention to the post, or you do believe it to be caused from something other than graves.

    And yes, you do this quite often.