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    Hi. Re morning med and coffee.

    I decided years ago, that waiting for my coffee for 1/2 hour was one guideline that I would not follow. I am not saying that this is what you should do, but it is what I do. My work as an RN required me to be at the hospital at either 6, 0630 or 0700. And ready to run on roller skates, cause we were so busy, till my morning break around 10. I took my Synthroid as soon as I woke up in the morning, made the coffee, and took a quick shower. Then I had my coffee. I had no concerns if it was before 1/2 hour. (I use a little cream, too.) I never varied the routine.

    My endo said it was fine, that the main issue was to be consistent. Other than that, I do not eat for 1/2 hour, I always drink a whole glass of water, and I wait 4 hours or more, to take Vitamin D or Calcium.

    Now that I don’t work, I do the same thing. I realize you have just begun your Synthroid, so my first suggestion is to consider having the Synthroid right by your bed, with water.

    I guess I am writing because I totally understand the ritual of having a cup or two of fresh coffee first thing in the morning. Since you are just beginning, I think that when you have a moment, do ask this question of your endo see what they say, if you have coffee a bit earlier than 1/2 hour. I imagine that the reality is, that for me it is about 15 minutes, by the time the coffee is done.

    Other stuff-it is possible you have a headache because of coffee withdrawal.

    As you quickly learned by going back to work, that is too early. I went at the end of week two, and for a demanding job where I had to think all the time, run all day long in the hospital all day, that was too soon. I think returning at the end of week 3, or returning with reduced hours sometime during week 3, is far preferable.

    Labs-probably the next time, your labs will better represent where you are,and perhaps your body too. Fine to have the labs at two weeks for information, but at this time, you still probably have some thyroid hormone floating around your body. And, generally, labs should be about two months apart to provide information for decisions to increase/decease the med.

    I think your sleep will settle down. I did notice my sleep was not as sound, and I woke up more frequently. But hard to figure it out, for I had a baby, too.

    Anxiety. Hey, you (we) have had a lot of hits to our body and life with Graves’ and surgery. I am guessing that all will settle down. If you have a stressful job, work is really harder for a few weeks, but you will be back to baseline.