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    Hi all, had my 3rd IV treatment yesterday. It’s a bit of a roller coaster, I don’t get to sleep until around 3-4 am, and then only sleep until 11 am or so. I’ll be up late again tonight and probably cleaning like a maniac tomorrow. I usually crash around Tuesday or Wednesday and have slept for 14 hours straight. My good days are Thursday and Friday before the IV treatment. I applied for disability and filled out the FMLA paperwork at work until the treatments are complete. I realized I just can’t do both and my commute is 80 minutes each way. My eye specialist filled it out and I’ll be on disability until November 15th–two weeks following the last treatment. What a relief not to worry about work! My eyes have experienced some relief, much less watering, slight improvement in the redness, but it most likely won’t reverse what’s happened already if it’s scar tissue now. At least it looks like it’s halting the progression, which is what we want. I am ravenously hungry and have gained 4 lbs already. I demanded takeout at 1:30 am. Thank God I have the most supportive fiance in the world.