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    Hi MVK, Thanks for sharing; I know we are on the same schedule having RAI around the same time. It certainly has been a journey thus far and mine strung out too with all those months on Methimazole up and down (gaining like crazy!) and then prior with at least 3 years where I was not diagnosed with Graves and knew something was wrong; why further testing sometimes even of antibodies is important; many who are caught earlier fare better or some just do fare better in general even with the weight thing and others not for some reason be it severity, how long this disease was there underlying, amount of I-131, age; etc., etc. I hear all different stories and not one size fits all. I listen to people who had RAI and not a big deal; hardly gained if anything, got on Synthroid, no problems for years. Others not. I do not understand my endocrinologist who says, oh you could gain more on the Synthroid yet in time when we find your right dosage it should get easier! I know we can diet and exercise until blue in the face; or like my husbands cousin the doctor who had the RAI 20 years ago said it is “not just about diet and exercise!”..defending me to someone else who said weight watchers. It is about working with a good doctor getting the person to where they need to be with their metabolism working efficiently, plus of course the diet and exercise as yes I know all about the metabolism changing going from hyper to hypo and altering diet and the whole nine yards as I’ve researched this thing to death over 2 years. So I hear you about those things keeping sanity! My one doctor said if I can take natural diuretics like green tea, grapes, asparagus and other foods which can help with some of the bloat/water retention that comes with hypo. I’m told by many it does get better; yet for some I know years post RAI or TT it has not! Want to be more optimistic though as I’ve had the entire time yet I am losing faith with doctors too. We’ll do fine; it will be nice to keep up with how we are doing here and seeing improvements! Happy you responded and always happy to hear other’s journey’s! Thanks and you have a great weekend also!