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    Hello and welcome to our forum. Your first priority is to make sure that you have the right diagnosis. We are fellow patients on this board, not doctors, so this is an issue where your own doctor will need to give you some guidance.

    Hyperthyroidism due to postpartum thyroiditis generally resolves on its own, although some patients later become hypOthyroid after PPT. Your doctor might prescribe a beta blocker to give you some temporary relief from symptoms (rapid heart rate, hand tremors, etc.), but the treatment is more of a “watch and wait” type of issue.

    If you do have Graves’, then you will want to select one of the three available treatment options (anti-thyroid drugs, RAI, surgery to remove the thyroid). I don’t know if you are breastfeeding, but if so, RAI is not recommended. There are members on this board who have taken anti-thyroid drugs while breastfeeding, and others who have had surgery. All of the options have risks and benefits, so you definitely want to do your research *if* you are truly dealing with Graves’.

    Has your doctor talked to you about antibody testing (TSI or TRAb)? This could potentially help make the distinction.

    For more info on postpartum thyroiditis, this is a bulletin from the American Thyroid Association. The section on PPT starts on page 1105 (page 25 of the PDF document). It’s a little technical, but not too bad.

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    Take care — and please keep us posted!