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    This doesn’t answer your question but I am on omeprazole for GERD, an it is an ER. However, it’s scored. I buy 20mg (the smallest dose you can buy OTC, which for a while was cheaper than getting it through a prescription) but have successfully weaned down to 10mg with my gastroenterologist’s approval, so I simply cut the pills in half. I highly recommend a pill cutter. You can get one at Target or any drugstore or mass retailer for less than $5. Most now have a safety feature so the blade is covered until it cuts the pill, and the pills remain in a small compartment so you don’t have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands or mouths. And it makes a perfect cut without much lining up. Or, as a last resort, you could use a sharp knife so that you can make a better cut without losing any little pieces.