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    Hi Karen!! I too have these “eye symptoms” but I call it an eye tic, especially in a moving car. My internist finally put me on a low dose of anxiety medication, which seems to be helping. I am seeing specialists at the eye institute at the medical college of wisconsin as I found none in the northern Illinois area that seemed to know anything about TED. I have also been told by the eye specialist that orbital decompression surgery might help but feel I have alot of homework to do before I commit to it. I too thought I was the only one with these problems til I found this site. I’m so thankful to finally be able to talk with others with similar experiences..I also have begun to understand that alot of my health issues over the past 13 years very well could have had some relation to the Graves as I was horribly miseducated. Best of luck to you and all who are dealing with this relentless disease.