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    I too am having the same problem right now. This is actually my first post. I was diagnosed with Graves in January 2012, had my RAI treatment in Feb.2012, went hypo, started meds..blah, blah. Right before our vacation in June, something just didn’t feel right, so I requested to have labs done. Of course they were off, so they lowered my dosage. 6 weeks later, same thing..lowered them again. This time I was only taking 100mcg, 5 days a week. 2 weeks later, was my scheduled apt with the endo, and what do you know…..they were still off. He was and is puzzled to say the least. He took me off meds completely, and ordered blood work for 2 weeks in case I went hypo. Well… two weeks are up, and I am still hyper! I will get my blood work tomorrow, and get the results the following day. I felt rushed into the RAI in Feb, and I won’t make that mistake again. My endo said I would need another treatment if my labs came back as low. I just don’t want to put that junk back into my body AGAIN. He said it is very rare, but does happen. I have to say, it is much nicer being hyper than hypo, at least I want and feel like doing things. Husband is supportive, but tired of the constant mood swings. I have to say to him…sorry, but sometimes…I just have to ride my broom, let me ride, then it will be done and over with. lol