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    Hi. Yes, surgery is a fine option. Many on the site have had it, including myself. Your thyroid labs are within range now. Before you have surgery, you take potassium iodide drops for several days, to decrease the size of the thyroid gland, and decrease the vascularity.

    I suggest you make an appointment with a surgeon who does many thyroidectomies. From your post, I do understand the issue with the ATD, but I am super puzzled why he says surgery is not an option. Because right now, you are not hyper.
    ******The best person to read on this is adenure, Alexis, for her situation is the EXACT SAME as yours. Intolerance to ATD’s, elevated liver labs. She is breast feeding. She did not want to quit. She did decide to have the surgery, and you can read her entire though process, plus sending her a PM to learn even more.

    I completely understand your desire to keep breast feeding, and after you read the posts by Alexis, she will tell you so much more. She ruled out RAI cause she did want to continue to breast feed,
    I am much older than you, but WHEN I had Graves’ I was breast feeding a 6 month old boy, had the surgery, continued to breast feed for a couple of years. It can be done.

    I would also check with Alexis about PTU, I cannot recall if she did/did not try it. The liver labs go back to normal fairly quickly, and your WBC will go up fairly quickly. And check all I’m saying out with your docs,
    But, I encourage you to say, “I do want to explore the pros and cons of surgery, and I do want to continue to breast feed.
    Happy reading, and I wish you the best, keep writing