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    Hello Naisly,

    I noticed that from May to August your free T4 has increased so I would assume that you are getting more hyperthyroid and becoming more in danger of falling into a thyroid storm (unfortunately, without treatment, this will land you in the hospital).

    I too was given 30mg of Methimazole at first but I was asked to take 10mg three times a day so I spaced them out 8 hrs apart. Also, I got labs right before starting so as to have a baseline and the Dr. ordered labs every 4 weeks. I started in June and by my August appt my Dr lowered my dose to 10mg/day because my TSH was in the normal range and my free T4 was low.

    My TPOab is also positive and I wasn’t told anything about having Hashimoto’s. I was told I have Graves. This is because my TSI is elevated. I will ask my Dr. about my TPOab next time to see if he can determine if it is Hashi’s related.

    I want to tell you what happened to me because it reminds me of what is happening to you. The first Endo I went to see prescribed the 30mg Methimazole but told me to take it for 6 weeks and then stop completely and to see him 8 weeks after stopping the Methimazole. I knew that since my labs showed that I had hyperthyroidism I needed the medication so I started taking it as prescribed but I started looking for another Endo, who I found and setup an appt with him. Endo #2 also wanted me to take the 30mg/day but wanted to monitor me more closely (labs every 4 weeks with followup appts). I didn’t like how Endo #1 wanted to stop the Rx cold turkey and did not want to see me until 8 weeks after stopping it (plus other things that I didn’t like about him and his office staff). He did though ordered labs for after taking it for 6 weeks so I felt good about that in case I didn’t find another Endo in time. My point is, yes, you need to be monitored when you are on Methimazole so if the Dr. did not order labs I would call back and ask if he could order labs for 4 weeks after you start taking it to see if that is possible. And if it is not possible, ask if they could tell you what your lab schedule will be because you know that with Methimazole you need to have labs periodically. Also, if you start to feel sick when taking it, you can call and ask for assistance, can you not? Most Dr’s will order labs right away if you are not feeling well and are taking Methimazole, especially if you have developed liver related symptoms of if you have developed flu like symptoms. The labs should include liver function tests and white blood cell count.

    If I were you, knowing that the fT4 # is getting higher, I would be worried about not taking the medication because as you get more hyper your chances of getting a thyroid storm increase. Yet again, yes, you have to be monitored when taking it so call your Dr to setup a lab schedule. When you start taking the medication it will take time for it to start making you feel better. It took me about 3-4 weeks to feel any changes so the sooner you take it, the sooner you will get well.

    I wish you the best with getting started on your medication. I’m so glad you have seen an Endo and that you have your prescription. Hope you get the labs situation resolved soon. Keep us posted.

    Caro :)