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    Hello – Keep in mind that we are fellow patients here, not docs, but a couple of comments…

    A significant portion of patients with Graves’ will also have positive TPOabs.

    For patients who *do* have both Hashi’s and Graves’, it’s common for these patients to eventually end up hypO, due to the Hashi’s. I have never seen any studies to the effect that ATDs will have an impact on the course of these dual conditions.

    You deserve to have a doctor who will take your questions seriously, but remember that there is a lot that isn’t well understood about Graves’, and some key issues where even doctors disagree. Unfortunately, you aren’t likely to be able to get all of your questions 100% wrapped up with perfect answers. And keep in mind that the longer you postpone treatment, the longer your recovery is likely to be — and the higher the risk of serious complications.

    Take care!