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    Hi again,

    I too think it’s time to get you well! If you take care of yourself, you will be able to take care of others, especially your children and family. I’m not saying that you aren’t taking care of them right now, but I know how it is to be hyper and try to take care of your family- near impossible. I know your children are older, but they still need their mom. YOU need to be well for YOU and for your family.

    All of your feelings, fears, and worries are completely normal because Graves causes all of it! It is not you, it is the Graves which is either creating or at the very least, exacerbating your worries and fears about taking ATD’s or the RAI and everything else buzzing through your mind. I get it because I was there not long ago. I understand your concerns with RAI; I had the same worries. I chose surgery, but I did start with methimazole. Yes, as you can see by my signature, my liver enzymes shot up 8 times the normal amount, but I stopped the meds, everything went back to normal, and I am completely fine. As a side note, it is very unlikely to happen to you (1% of those who take ATD’s have this problem) and it can be monitored with a simple blood test. Caught early (mine was caught 7 weeks in), it reverses itself.

    The betablockers are helpful, but they are just a band-aid to help us until we get treatment for our hyperthyroidism. Please reconsider accepting treatment for your Graves- primarily with ATD’s to start to get your levels balanced and under control and to help rid you of the symptoms you listed. Take the ATD’s. That will help you regain control over your body, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then, you will be able to choose what path of treatment you want to do- whether it be to continue on ATD’s, RAI or surgery. Please don’t let this disease take over anymore of your life and the gifts you have to offer to those around you.