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    Hello – We’re fellow patients here, not doctors, so we can’t interpret labs, but here are a few general comments.

    First, it’s helpful to get a hard copy of your labs, so you can see where your levels are compared to the “normal” reference ranges – and keep track of them over time. The actual numbers are only meaningful in the context of your particular lab’s “normal” range – and this can vary from lab to lab.

    Second, for patients on ATDs, you *expect* to see T3 and T4 fall towards the normal range over time, with the dosage being reduced as needed to prevent hypO.

    TSH can remain suppressed for quite some time, and the latest medical guidance notes that TSH is therefore *not* appropriate for making dosing decisions early in the process. Any dosage adjustments should be guided by Free T4 and T3.

    Take care!