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    Thanks for the info. I take a Centrum type daily vitamin and I just checked to find that it contains 150 mcg of Iodine, so I think I’ll stop that for awhile. i probably misspoke about my weight loss. I have gone from 190 to 150 but that started in December when I began to diet to get my bp down, not April. April was when i started to feel not as healthy as normal and went back to my normal meat and potatoes diet. This lead to my clinic appts and finally a GD diagnosis in August. i think my weight is stabilizing at 150 now. I have been on metoprolol for a month and no problem with bp or pulse. I am 130/70 with a pulse of 65. The only GD symptom is hoarseness. My doc said she noticed a slight tremor when she prescribed the metoprolol, frankly I didn’t notice it, but the metoprolol has lowered bp, my pulse has always been 60-70, so no difference there.
    i will certainly check in with the Endo clinlc to see if they can move me up. I figure I’ll call weekly, i want to be persistent, but not pesty. Thanks for your advice.