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    Forget the silk purse and become a squeeky wheel. That 40 pounds of weight loss is likely to have included some — if not a lot — of muscle. Being hyper causes us to lose muscle. It is very bad weight to lose.

    Also, being diagnosed but untreated puts you at risk for thyroid storm. This is a medical emergency situation in which the thyroid cells go berzerk and start pouring thyroid hormone into the body. It is relatively rare, but it is more common in UNtreated, or UNDERtreated hyperthyroidism. Another reason to become a nag.

    Call the endo’s office every morning to see if there is a cancellation. Be nice about it, but persistent. If there is a cancellation, your name should be up at the top of their memories.

    Or. Ask your GP to work with the endo in attempting to figure out a dose of ATD that is appropriate.

    Good luck.