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    I sure do agree with Kimberly. I’d try the cancellation route as she suggested.
    Your weight loss is significant. What is your pulse rate? I’m thinking if you call, state the 40lb weight loss in this short time, and any other symptom you have, tremor, heat intolerance, etc. and especially your heart rate, you MIGHT get an earlier appointment if the right persons hears these symptoms. Another reason you have to wait so long is that you have a “new patient” slot, which allows more time than regular appointments, and there are many fewer of those in their schedule. And I think your post reflected that when you mentioned referral appointments.
    Well, Oct 29 is better than late December, but somebody should be able to treat you before that. Perhaps another doctor who is more familiar with graves’ that the doc your mentioned is. I hate to have you go without any treatment for that long period of time. ESpecially, if your symptoms and weight loss become more pronounced.
    I am wondering if your doc is that familiar with Graves’, thinking that a 3 month wait is ok?