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    Best of luck with this; I personally did fine; things worked out okay so far for me and now at 15 weeks post RAI I just found out today I am severely hypothyroid (I had 15 mllicuries/15 mCi). Actually two endocrinologists told me that they give even higher for Graves like 20-30 mCi to make sure it is totally destroyed from what I was told by them.

    I only started experiencing eye issues this past weekend and I have moderate TED; I just found out my blood work from 8/15/12 (I have it mailed to me) is very hypothyroid; I see my endocrinologist this Wednesday and they told me to sit tight as I will be going on Synthroid either tomorrow or Wednesday. I was wondering why these really crazy symptoms which were starting to get my attention this past weekend and my eyes are getting really puffy.

    Nurse just told me hang on as once I get on Synthroid and in time, things will get better; she said the weight thing will be last!

    Just to say, my TSH in one month went from 0.005 to 52.540 as I won’t even go into the other numbers for FT3/FT4 (!) yet nurse said these exaggerated numbers will happen with thyroid die off, not to worry.

    I had to put a stopper at the bottom of my bedroom door to keep the one cat from pulling the door. He’s a momma’s boy; my husband took good care of them yet they prefer me. I did not want to put them into the vet to board as that is just even more stressful for them. I had thought of the hotel yet I opted not to last minute.

    I had an interesting ride on Methimazole/Tapazole. 20 months of trying and working with two different endocrinologists (one left my area) and an internist yet never could get me right or moving toward remission. Lots of weight gain and extreme moods.

    It will all work out just fine. I was anxious and concerned pre and post RAI. Now after talking to the doctor’s nurse today I really feel there is going to be a light at the end of this tunnel! Sending positive vibes out to you and please keep us posted…beach