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    Gatorgirly, I was simply trying to understand as much as I could. No confrontation, no nothing, intended.

    I write about my experience, too, am not a medical expert. Just sharing my perceptions and trying to “get it.

    I genuinely was trying to learn. It certainly is true in all of our health care worlds, that we can get 2nd opinions from different doctors. Not too mention third and fourth.

    I developed severe, super TED 50 years after I had super severe Graves.
    I hope this does not happen to anyone else. IT is ruling my life, and making me miserable every hour of every day.

    I am writing a brief not now, for my old computer and my new computer (i am at the Mac store now) will both be gone for 1-2 days. I did not want to wait to write a short note.

    If apologies are needed, the are certainly given.