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    Hello Jeannet,

    I had 15 mCi like you beginning of May 2012.

    My nuclear doctor told me isolation for two days.

    I do not have children; a husband and two cats. It was my vet who told me to keep my distance from the cats for six days yet after the two day total isolation period I could have them in the room with me and short periods of time next to me.

    I had terrible itching with Graves symptoms off and on and a bit after RAI yet more my back and stomach areas. It all subsided in a few days for me.

    I had more hyperactive feelings post RAI for about a month. I told my endocrinologist and I have a pulse oximeter here and resting heart rate was going over 100 bpm yet nothing like it was when my Graves was in full swing which was 120-140 bpm resting. My endocrinologist and my internist both told me keep an eye out if my resting heart rate was consistently over 100 bpm, then he would prescribe a beta blocker. I did not need it; I also have normal to lower blood pressure normally.

    I found out prior to RAI I have moderate TED in both eyes; no steroid though as my thyroid eye doctor said it was not necessary for me. I am being monitored by my thryoid eye doctor and moving forward after two visits with my thyroid eye doctor within my now 14 weeks post RAI, my eyes are have no changes in measurements and I will be checked every six months for three to five years post RAI. My thyroid eye doctor who knows a lot about this Graves business told me that the antibodies will be active post RAI for some time.

    It will get better; things have really changed for me. Yet at 14 weeks not hypothyroid yet and I’m hoping this coming up blood work I am so I can get on Synthroid. Hopefully others will comment as we all have had different experiences.

    Best of luck with all this….beach