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    I got a new Endo b/c I stopped trusting the first one I had after he wanted to stop the Methimazole cold turkey and not see me again until 8 weeks later.

    My new Endo has his nurse call me back a day or two later. My labs are sent to me the next day so I get a chance to look at them the day after I get labs. My RE experience was different. His nurse would call me hours after labs but that was b/c in that scenario you need to know #s and what to do right away in case you are ovulating, etc.

    What does your RE think about the delays from the Endo? It seems to me your RE needs faster results so as not to miss any opportunities to start the IVF.

    Without a normal range reference it is impossible to know if your TSH of 3.3 is in the normal range. It is different for each lab. You have a lot of other #s to worry about since you are also having RE treatment. With estrogen, progesterone, HCG shots, etc, I’m assuming things can fluctuate even more. It could be pituitary related but you would have to ask your Dr. It most be hard keeping both endocrinologists in synch. I hope it hasn’t come back either. Please don’t donate your body just yet :) Lets have hope that the Endos will get things square out for you.

    If you feel your general Dr can help you should give it a try. I couldn’t handle the stresses of the RE treatments at the end and I sure could not have handled them along side thyroid treatment. You are a trooper. I wish you the best.

    Keep us posted.

    Caro :)