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    Thanks, I think I also need to get a new Endo. I have what doctors consider to be the best Endo in town and is the hardest one to get into. But I cannot get him or his staff on the phone when I am having any issues. And I know that once he gets my labs from the fertility clinic it will take him a week to respond. I am think about going over to my general physician to get his input on this. maybe he can get my Endo to call him back.

    and isn’t a TSH of 3.3 considered to be in the normal range anyway? Or does that now make me hypo? And could this be more of a pituitary issues? I know that in the past they were worried about that. Then 6 months later my they found out my thyroid was back. I hope it has not come back for a third time. If it has I am donating my body to science. hahaha!