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    I completely feel your pain. I saw an RE for 6 months last year before I was told I had GD. The whole process tired me out and I personally think that all the estrogen, progesterone, HCG, etc treatments pushed me over the edge into GD. I was doing fine before all that. I felt healthy but after the 6 months I started to feel tired so I stopped the treatment and decided to wait a while to get my strength back. Little did I know that a few months later I would be told I have GD. Anyway, yes, the lab work can go up and down with all that treatment. It did with me (I’m talking about your hormones other than thyroid hormones). It is frustrating waiting on calls and lab results and then getting a result your were not desiring and having to wait for the next round. I’m sorry to hear that your thyroid #s are also not what you need for your IVF. Our bodies are very complicated. The hormones have to be just right for the IVF to work … actually for any pregnancy to work. Everything is so well timed. Hang in there. Remember to find something at least once a day that helps you feel relaxed and like yourself. I don’t know about you but during the whole RE treatment I felt like a guinea pig and I really needed some time to myself once a day. Hang in there. Please keep us posted. I hope your #s soon get to where they need to be.

    Caro :)