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    Your welcome TedyLeo! I am glad to hear you had success at four months and got on Synthroid. I have heard that some on Synthroid do need more to feel better yet mostly keeping the TSH 1 although guidelines suggest 0.3-3.0. I think best what doctor and patient can work out together with thyroid levels and Snythroid dosing where the patient has the best quality of life yet I am not an MD.

    My endocrinologist told me maybe a 10 pound weight gain. Why some people struggle with more and some do not I do not know as is it the amount of Thyroid hormone (Snythroid), adding T3 or just some people are not as fortunate and the weight hangs around; that is too with diligent diet and exercise. I just know I am very uncomfortable and on a healthy diet and exercise plan yet hoping maybe with some T4, that I will get there slowly back to a more normal weight for me.

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck in your journey!…beach