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    Thanks everyone for the input and sharing of your experience.

    My Dr. does not have a problem with keeping the TSH low, as he says it is not “too low” but is slightly out of lab ranges as is the T4 slightly above range. Keeping it at the range it is right now I have no symptoms of hyper or hypo. When he changes the synthroid dosage down to the next level I have full blown hypo issues.

    So for the next six months we are keeping the synthroid dosage where it is though he is wondering if I should be referred back to my endo for consultation on if it is acceptable to continue on after that. As it takes up to a year to get into see the endo, as I really don’t have an issues it wouldn’t be urgent, I don’t want him to put me hypo during this time before we get the blessing from the endo to continue on with me being “slightly hyper” long term.

    I have had all the heart testing and bone test done and everything is fine.

    From my readings I do see that it is not unusual after you have been treated with RAI to require a synthroid dosage that makes you slightly hyper according to the lab reports to feel “normal”.

    I am just wondering is there anyone else out there who requires to be kept slightly hyper to be symptom free and if so have they been doing it long term?