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    That sounds great Caro.

    I will check out your labs. If they are lowering your dosage, that means you are possibly leaving the hypER stage which is a good sign. Some of yoru symptoms should have subsided also.

    Swimming is EXCELLENT. It is light on the joints, and it is all over toning. I have a inside pool in my complex and I have gone only a few times but I need to do more of it. I must have typed too fast because I do eat meat, just not red meat. I read somewhere that it aggravates graves disease. Prior to reading that, I stayed away from it because some of the red meats are high in fat and it is very hard for me to digest. I also started breaking out in hives…Lamb doesn’t bother me (considered red meat) so I eat it, but sparingly.

    They have so many gluten free products and on the market now (I think are do you have Celiac also?) so you have a lot of options.

    Yes soy is a no-no for GD patients. It aggravates the symptoms and I think it interfers with the medication (one of the Facillatators can correct me if I am wrong). I used to drink protien shakes (EAS low carb) for life all the time until I was diagnosed. Unfortunately, the main ingredient is soy. Now I stick with a boiled egg or two, in the morning. It does the trick.

    Stay focused and positive and yes I watch my Yoga poses. I am in the lower impact stages (Vinysse (sp?). It gets you centered and toned but I don’t have to be an acrobat to do it lol. I also do Pilates. Ballet on the floor and it is really good. Moving nice and slow.

    I wish you much success with your endo treatment. Keep us posted. It is a rollercoaster but you can hang on tight and ride it out. That’s what I’m doing. I didn’t have a choice when I was diagnosed but I do have a choice if I am going to let it run my life. One day at a time…