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    Alexis you are so right. I did call back and speak with my endo directly and she regurtigated the same thing. I seriously think she is trying to strong arm me into RAI. It is the path of least resistance, but I just feel like she is rushing treatment. It hasn’t been 18 months yet. I know I have great insurance but goodness. But yes, according to my numbers it appears that I am getting better and I am starting to feel better. Seriously and I know this is only temporary… Believe me I would know hypeR symptoms if they started to come back, the Graves Rage, screaming, excessive sweating, shaking, tingling in fingers and even my legs would give out and I would just fall down…crazy. I haven’t has muscle cramps, my hair is not coming out any more and I am starting to feel …dare I whisper it…NORMAL/balanced and actually hopeful…wowzer. When I was on such a high dosage because it was necessary at the time it was pure hell…there has to be another solution, there always is. In six weeks I get more test so I will look at the numbers then and see. Yes the brushing is really good LOL seriously. My accuputurist used to use it on me and they sell them in Bed, bath and Beyond. It really does work, but I stopped using it when I moved back up north. when you put yourself last…you get GD LOL….

    Caro, I am so sorry you are at 30mg and in the beginning I was at that dosage also. If you are still considered extremely hypeR you must be having an awful lot of symptoms so they are trying to find your sweet spot to control them. Good luck with your labs. I really hope you get better numbers this time around. I am sure your doc is doing everything possible to help. Yes it is a blessing to be on a lower dosage but I would love it even more not to have to take it at all…I know we can take it long term with decent results and success but it just doesn’t work well with my body and my endo knows this. She is on this “well we are getting close to the 18 month mark…let’s fish or cut bait” syndrome. I want conservative care, I take risks but this ish is kray kray and I still have to work my job. I am doing as much as I can to preserve my health even though it is hard. The yoga helps a ton with the mind and spirit because I had to stop running and that was just torture. I really do not lift weights yet, not strong enough, but I also walk and jump on the mini trampoline also. And I cannot stress the importance if vitamines and minerals (the right one that do not interfere with your meds). Yes I take a lot of protien (I practically live off chicken and fish, no red meat and no soy) and I eat a ton of veggies. I should look like a supermodel but the weight isn’t falling off..oh well…that is the least of my worries I guess. Hang in there.

    I am trying to live with this stuff…but I am not giving up….

    You guys are the best.