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    Thanks Kimberly I totally agree.

    In fact, based on what my endo said was my “normal range” I was almost in remission or euthryoid (sp?). I have no idea what caused the TSH to drop .02 pts but again my T3/T4 are great according to what my normal range should be and she told me this.

    I, too thought 10 mg daily was a bit much and last time when she up the dosage I went almost HypO and then it was like whoa…..come down, adn the side affects were AWFUL, etc….I will call her but what I think I am also going to do, (and I don’t recommend anyone to do this), but I am going to take 1/2 of what she recomended. I want to see how I feel first. Methimazole is suppose to stop the over production of the thyroid hormones. And I know for a fact that my T4 came way down based on my taking the Methi, PLUS talking Selenium, Lemonbalm (which helps with hypER symptoms and is a great stress reducer – but I check with her first and she wasn’t opposed to me taking it – she didn’t like it, but she liked my numbers and they looked much better T4 from 7.77 to 1.86) and I will continue to take my vitamines (A-E), magnesium, calcium and biotin for my hair, along with evening prim rose to decrease it from coming out (again). and I will pray.

    It is really doing well and I don’t want to relaspe. I have 6 weeks before the next test before she tries to force RAI on me. I will see what happens. I even feel really good right now. If nothing changes for the worse and my T3 and T4 remains normal, I will not increase the Methi….it is not good for me and I told her this. I have bad side affects and I am tired of my side hurting and the God awful periods – I feel like I am hemorraging and she said this is a side affect that the Methi is “working”.

    Praying and going to yoga tonight.

    Oh and i am totally giving up coffee…I dropped down to 1/2 a cup and started drinking green tea…now I am completely done with it. I am trying everything including the medicine…..Namaste