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    Hello. I just found this website/forum today and saw your post and thought I would reply.

    Here’s my story….I was diagnosed with Graves in November 2005 and had RAI the Thursday before New Years 2006. When I went to the hospital to take the radioactive pill, I was told that I had to isolate myself for 3 days, with no contact with anyone else, especially children. I had to flush the toilet 3 times after each time using it due to the radiation. On the way home from the hospital, I had to sit in the back seat of the car, behind the passenger seat, so my husband, who was driving, had less exposure to the radiation that my body was giving off. I also had to suck on hard candy for about the first 3 days to 1 week so that my saliva glands would not be so affected. I basically just laid around for 3 days and watched TV. I went back to work after those 3 days. The Dr. had to monitor my levels regularly to make sure that I was heading towards hypothyroidism and then when it was time, I was started on replacement hormone. I was told at that time to only use the brand name thyroid replacements, so I was started on Synthroid. The synthroid worked well for me for quite a few years, but then I noticed symptoms, even though my TSH was sitting at 1.96.

    I searched out a naturopathic Dr. and I have been very happy with my choice since then. I live in AZ too and when you start to go hypothyroid, I encourage you to go to a naturopathic Dr. They don’t take insurance, but I think that your health is well worth it. I recommend Dr. (edited – please send individual doctor names via Private message) in Mesa. He fully understands the disease, which you will find most endocrinologists do not. He not only treats the disease with medications (natural and compounded thyroid hormone–whichever works best for your body), but he treats other hormone imbalances as well. He will help you get your life back!! He has helped me. He doesn’t just give you a pill and tell you that everything will be fine–he truly listens to you and treats the whole person.

    Everyone’s experience is different, but I definitely felt the effects of the RAI, which was probably the increase in hormones in my body, from the RAI. You will have your own experience, but just know that you are on the road to recovery. I wish you well with the treatment.