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    Hello Everyone!

    I am in a great mood today. I just swallowed the Uptake pill and I am counting the hours until I can eat again.

    For anyone else who doesn’t have insurance, or anyone curious, my RAI will cost about $1400 including a post scan, the Uptake was about $400 plus interpretation fee yet to be disclosed.

    Pretty cheap IMO. I can keep my car after all! LOL!

    My RAI is 2 weeks away. I am not as nervous as I was.

    Once again, reading through the pages of posts here has answered all of my questions and allayed almost all of my fears about RAI. Thank you to everyone who posts on this board.

    The anxiety has calmed somewhat, a refill of Valium helped. I still wake up 1 or 2 times a night burning up, heart racing, sweating like I am running a marathon. BUT, I am actually getting used to it. How sad is that?

    Today when I woke up, I started laughing at my illness. I told my thyroid to do its worst, in 2 weeks I start calling the shots and getting my life back. I probably shouldn’t taunt my Grave’s Disease, but it was needed to put me in the right mindset for today.

    At the hospital this morning, the admissions woman was surprised I have had Grave’s this long and I haven’t developed the eye problems normally associated with it. Her coworker had RAI done 20 yrs ago and still has protruding eyes.

    I have used MMJ to treat my eye pain for the last 6 years, much like it is used for glaucoma with positive results. I wish more research was being done in this field. Only time will tell if it has really helped. Both of my family members who had Grave’s had protruding eyes before it was all said and done, so I am expecting it to happen to me. So far nothing noticeable. Fingers crossed.

    I took pictures of the uptake pill and the gamma camera but cannot find how to post them by uploading. I plan on taking pictures of my scans today and tomorrow as well. If there’s a way to upload a pic into a thread please PM me on how to do it.

    Thanks again to everyone on this board. I will update as things happen.