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    Welcome! I’ll tell you, until I was diagnosed with Graves, I never suffered from anxiety or panic attacks. I did have one panic attack once many years back bc of a scary situation, but not because I was taking a shower and was scared to be alone or of passing out or because I was alone with my kids (which is what Graves caused). I mean how silly! I have 4 boys and have homeschooled for the last 4 years and have always been a stay at home mom and NEVER was afraid of taking care of my own children at all. Yet, when I got Graves (after my 4th baby was born), I was having panic attacks, constricted breathing, fear, crying, heart palpitations, sweating, tremors, tons of anxiety. Yeah right there’s no correlation… The 1st doc. I saw sent me home with a paper bag and told me I had a panic disorder. Another thought I had post partum depression. Finally blood test were run and my .01 TSH prompted further tests and the eventual diagnosis! Yay (sort of)- at least I knew I wasn’t losing it!

    I’ve since had a thyroidectomy 7 weeks ago and am now on the other side of the fence, in the process of getting my Synthroid dose figured out. It’s not easy either, but I’ll take this over being hyper any day. I still deal with insomnia and headaches, but I’m hoping once my dose is right, I’ll be as good as gold! I too was on methimazole at the beginning, but it elevated my liver enzymes 8 times the normal amount, so I had to stop the ATD’s. I wasn’t comfortable with RAI (just my personal preference), so I went with surgery. Fortunately methimazole had regulated my thyroid levels for surgery.

    My mom and aunt are hypo and my great grandmother had a goiter, so I suppose there is a predisposition for thyroid issues.

    It seems like, because of your history, going the definitive route would be a good idea. I’ll tell you that since having the surgery ALL my symptoms have gone away (except insomnia which leads to headaches). I’m a little moody (probably bc my Synthroid isn’t quite right & I’m sleep deprived), but I’m not anxious or having panic attacks anymore- heart rate is back in the 60s, no tremors. I feel woozy sometimes- but I chalk this up to my sleep issues as well plus as you know, life doesn’t stop bc we’re sick. So, through my recovery I’m trying to care for my boys & still school them. Fortunately they’re smart little buggers, love to read, and I’m doing pretty well for the most part. It feels good to be on the road to recovery. I say take that step and head towards getting yourself back.