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    Hello again VanlsleGal,

    I was so surprised when my 1st Endo (I’m seeing another Endo now) wrote in all of my papers (on his notes) that I had HYPOthyroidsm. You can imagine my reaction when I read the papers. Hadn’t we just spent about an hour talking about my HYPERthyroid?! It can happen I guess. You might want to double check things. I left my 1st Endo (for many reasons) and I’m now seeing a 2nd Endo who so far has helped me with my hyperthyroidism.

    Natural doctors can be helpful on some things and I’m sure she has helped many people. Just make sure she can be helpful to you. Hyperthyroidism is such a complicated thing and as a GD patient you don’t need anything that can make things worst. My grandfather was a natural Dr. He helped many people too but I don’t think he was equipped to handle what I’m going through right now. He was a good man, who lived to be very old following his own advice and medicine.

    My husband and I have a friend who is seeing a natural Dr. He has hypothyroidism and the natural Dr. is helping him and he is feeling better. He has a thyroid but his #s are a little bit low. Our friend is also seeing a general Dr who monitors his #s and prescribes his medication.

    My advice, therefore, is make sure you run everything by your general Dr to make sure that nothing contradicts your current treatment.

    Please do keep us posted :)