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    Hello Darcy,

    How is it going today?

    I’ve been feeling tired today again. I can’t tell a difference of how tired I feel now than when I started to feel tired before I got the tachycardia/hyperthyroid diagnosis. It is definitely less than when I was already very sick. When I was very sick in June, I felt exhausted and really sick (tachy, dizzy, flat affect, non-functional).

    I do have to say that I felt like you too … “a crybaby…bigtime…watching pet food commercials made me cry, looking in the mirror, tears….jumping on the scale… wailing….lol”. I was loosing the wait like crazy though. I just have started to gain some of it back. I felt so emotional but that was right before I was told I had GD. In my case I guess it was a sign of something being wrong. I’m not emotional now that my fT4 is low, I’m just tired to very tired. I’m not cold either but I felt cold a little bit yesterday but nothing much. Thank you for reading my labs. Maybe I’ll feel better once the Dr decreases my dose. I’m glad you are able to exercise now. I tried walking yesterday and I got very tired. I hate not being able to even go for a walk like a I used to before. I used to walk for miles.

    Smiles … to being euthyroid soon …

    Caro :)