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    Hello Debbie,

    How is it going today?

    I’ so glad your Dr. orders all those tests. Mine only orders fT4, TSH, ALT and WBC. I know that is enough but I would love to see where I’m on the Ca levels, fT3 and the immune part of things. I’m going to see if he can order a TSI in a few months. I know the TSI doesn’t change very fast but last time they tested it was in June. Too bad he only goes by on labs and doesn’t include symptoms. You should still tell him/her about your symptoms though.

    I’ve been feeling tired today again.

    Maybe I’ll feel better once the Dr decreases my dose.

    Wow, your case was the worst your Drs have seen. I’m so glad you are doing better. I noticed that making sure that I eat protein helps with my hair. My Dr told me that if it falls out that it will return. I have already experience this before so I feel your pain about the hair thinning. I hope it gets better soon.

    Caro :)

    P.S. Sending you a bit of summer :)