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    Hi Caro

    I didn’t officially become hyPO but I was close which was why my endo lowered my Methi dosage at that time. I was really cold (when I was hypeR I was super sweaty and hot all the time). I felt like I was dragging, even more tired when I was hypeR. My heart wasn’t beating a gazillion miles a minute thanks to the meds with beta blocker but I was getting super fat and my menstrual cycle was killer 7 days very heavy plus. And I was a crybaby…bigtime…watching pet food commercials made me cry, looking in the mirror, tears….jumping on the scale… wailing….lol. My endo said that was a sign I was “getting better.” I think what she meant was that I was out of the HypeR danger zone (your periods are much lighter and shorter) but it still sucked. After decreasing my doasage I was feeling a lot better, had more energy and now I am able to do a bit of Yoga and walking, etc. so that helps too. Waiting to reach euthyroid status one day…someday….

    Good luck with your labs. Watching them is KEY. keep a records and keep us posted.