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    Hello Kimberly,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I’m not experiencing any of the common symptoms but I have been feeling tired lately. I guess that could be considered a symptom but besides that I’m not experiencing any of the “common symptoms”.

    My sleep is being affected by my dreams. Before I got sick, I used to be able to sleep so good without nightmares, etc. Now, I wake up feeling sad from the dreams that I’ve been having. I wonder if it is the medication or a symptom.

    I’m still feeling hot a lot of the time so a little bit of cold intolerance would be welcome.

    My pulse is within 60-78 w/ the beta blocker and so when it comes to that I feel fine. I’m happy it is finally that low b/c when all this started my HR was going between 124-114. It was awful.

    My labs are tomorrow. Just like you recommended before, I’m getting them done before my appt next week :) I’m so looking forward to finding out how I’m doing.

    Did you ever experience hypo symptoms? Or where you able to achieve a level that was comfortable w/o having your #s fall low?

    Thank you for sharing. Knowing that we are all different I would like to know what symptoms others have experienced. No one else is sharing though. Being that this is a GD (HyperT) forum, this might be the wrong place to ask.

    Caro :)