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    Hi, lilstorm,
    I am getting on a plane in a few minutes so not much time.
    Briefly, minimal pain to none, but sore neck (primarily from the position on the table) able to eat,but stayed away from steak and lots of chewing stuff till neck less sore. The K Iodide drops taste awful that we take pre-op I found orange juice and grape juice helpful in cutting the taste of metal. Weird.
    No nausea at all, the surgery is short, and i think that is very uncommon.

    I suggest at least two weeks off if you work, that is the minimum. For sure have help for one week, some help the 2nd week is a good idea. If you have kids, I suggest having help with them. You re more tired that you think you are, and energy to get up and go, is declined for at least 3-4 weeks. But you can do anything you like by week three.
    Loved my surgery, would do it again.
    Use the search engine for:
    adenure (she recently had one and documented it very nicely)
    also, lch11 (or lhc11, I can never remember which it is) Another nice documentation and helpful hints for you.