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    Thanks again for the posts and encouragment. SNelsen: I have not had OD but had radiation in September 2011 and the glaucoma surgery was to put a hole with a laser in the upper part of my eye to relieve the pressure. He did both eyes. My doctor had mentioned prisms but said that I would be changing them so often that it would get expensive. Now my eye is so severely rotated that I think it would not help. Actually both eyes have rotated but the right eye is the worse. Surgeon says I will need strabismus on both eyes which I assume they do at the same time?

    Kimberly: Intriguing that there may be, according to your SF presenter, a link between the swings in synthroid dosage and my eye problems. I have been up and down the dosages in the last year and I never seem to be stable in that. I see endo in September for annual visit and plan to ask him then. Will have another blood test in about 4 weeks. Am fatigued constantly and having to adjust to that as I was a marathon runner and now I can barely go 6 miles. It is depressing. Yes, I still run with the patch on but do so very carefully!