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    Naisly, if you don’t have a blood pressure machine, you should purchase one.
    Please realize that if you have not been drinking enough fluid (water, not coffee or caffeinated drinks) your BP can be low. If you drink a couple glasses of water, then take it again, and it is up, that is probably why it was low.

    i think this forum is a great thing for you. But most of the suggestions we give you involve a continuing relationship with a doctor.
    If the circumstances remain as you said, I suggest again that you make an appt with your GP, request that he either
    1. Call the endo with all your info, get guidance on treating you if needed.
    2. Have him call the endo, say you need to be seen urgently.

    Naisly, you HAVE to take pills. You need to wrap your mind about this, and take them. You need to be very truthful with the doctor, ie, don’t take the RX get it filled, then throw the pills away. This is too serious for that.

    If you continue to be untreated, you will probably end up in an ER. I do not suggest this, but if you get there, give a good history. ER’s are not the best place to get continuing care. That is not what they do. They will tell you to follow up with your doctors.

    I sure hope things work well for you this week.