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    You’ve gotten a lot of good advice here, but I want to chime in about beta blockers. They are safe, in/of themselves and have been around for MANY years. Many people are on them for years and years for high blood pressure, myself included. I agree, you absolutely must get in to an endo sooner than 6 months. But, if you are concerned about taking them for 6 months or more, please rest easy, they are ‘tried and true’ and have few side effects for most people. Best of luck to you, it does get better, or so ‘they’ tell me. Big Hugz!

    ps… I wish people screaming about wanting universal health care could see what you’re going through. I’m guessing you aren’t close enough to the border to come across and see a DR here? I know a lot of Canadians do that, when they need medical care NOW.

    Oh, and I wanted to add, I am on Metoprolol, twice daily, 50 mg. Which is why I didn’t have the palps, etc, (I’m guessing) usually associated with Grave’s, when I was hyper. My ONLY symptom was extreme weight loss, like 6 lbs a week, without trying.