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    Thank you again for helping.

    One thing about Canadian medicare is – it may be free but it’s lousy. it’s so bad people often die in the ER hallways waiting for treatment, because there are not enough doctors or RNs. That being said, it is very hard to see a specialist and or GP. This is why it took me 4years to get a GP.

    It’s not that my doctor ‘won’t’ order labs, its just that the ‘lab’ won’t do them without an endo ordering them, or I have to pay for the lab work. Even the first lab work I had done, they wouldn’t do them until my doctor phoned them, and the lab told him they would do it that one time only.

    I took all of your advice and had my partner phone the endo’s office. He told them my symptoms and that I needed to get in asp, the receptionist told him my referral would go into triage this weekend and since it is a long weekend here, I won’t hear back until later next week.

    I’ll post something later today because I don’t understand my symptoms, I have to get ready for a phyc appt.