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    Yikes, I would not stop taking your medication without a physician’s approval, but you’ve already been doing that for a week so now it might take even longer to level out on the correct dose. Sometimes, people are on the same dose of replacement for years and for one reason or another, suddenly need a higher or lower dose. You haven’t been on it that long in the grand scheme of things, so I don’t think it’s uncommon to still be trying to find the right dose. I’ve been on Synthroid for one year exactly, was still on the hyper side at first and now I’m at the opposite end and significantly hypo. We only get labs every six weeks because replacement hormone takes several weeks to adjust levels, and because TSH lags.

    I think you need to call your endo ASAP, tell her your symptoms feel out of control, and you need some immediate relief. You may just have to wait it out and let the drug do its job like we did when we were diagnosed and first began ATDs. Being hyper is no fun, but not treating your hypothyroidism is even worse and harder on your body than it may feel. Stopping the replacement won’t immediately alleviate your hyper symptoms (which is why you still feel hyper) but it is not a good move to make without speaking to your endo.

    I can’t answer your tissue regeneration question but please call your doctor ASAP.

    I’m sorry it’s been such a long, arduous process for you to find the right dose. It has been for me, too. In exactly 12 months, I’ve gone from 100 mcg to 75 mcg to alternating 50/75 mcg back up to 75 mcg and now I am on 88 mcg (for the last two weeks) and still hypo but slowly getting back into normal ranges.