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    Hi, Mickiko, and welcome to our board.

    As you have found out, not all doctors agree on treatment options. It can make our lives very interesting. Another thing that makes things interesting is that we can mis-interpret what we hear when we are hyperthyroid and ill, or only remember parts of it. So, it can be confusing. Be sure to ask follow-up questions, if they occur to you, and don’t be surprised if you got comments a bit twisted. Our concentration goes a bit wonky while we are hyperthyroid.

    And not all of us agree on treatment options, either. :D What one patient did, or did not do, may not help you to figure out what YOU feel most comfortable doing. Some of us are not at all comfortable even with the small risk the antithyroid drugs (ATDs) pose to the developing baby. To figure out how you feel about this, you might talk with your pediatrician and/or with a pharmacist. Some of us wouldn’t touch RAI with a ten foot pole — and I felt the same way about surgery, irrational though that feeling was. But all of our treatment options are generally safer than remaining hyperthyroid, and the only bad choice you can make would be one that your doctor warned you specifically against for known medical reasons.

    One thing is certain, though. Before you get pregnant, you need to get well again, by whatever treatment option you finally decide on. Optimally, you need to be healthy when you get pregnant. And that will take a bit of time. We DO get well again. Our treatment options do work to give us back our health. But our bodies typically need a few months at controlled normal levels of thyroid in order to heal from the stresses and damage caused by being hyperthyroid.

    Wishing you good health soon,