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    Harpy wrote:
    In “my opinion” GD is a “wake up call” that requires one to pay more attention to their health and if one does not change their ways they will have ongoing issues irrespective of what treatment path is taken.

    True … I just wish I knew what that was for me. I had a “wake up call” when I was diagnosed with Celiac and I changed so so many things then. I even got a different career so that I could learn more about my body and so that I could reduce my stress levels. I started and continue eating gluten free and yeast free. I could have exercised more I guess (to build up muscle, I’m thin as it is). And also gotten more sleep. Now I can’t exercise but as soon as the Dr gives me the go ahead I think I’ll start swimming. I have also started sleeping more. But in all honestly, I already live a healthy life … other than the sleeping b/c sometimes I know I didn’t get the sleep I needed. I hope the small changes help me …. I don’t know what all else I could do to change things. :)