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    All three treatment options carry their own set of potential risks and rewards. With regards to ATD’s the risks are as you say potential liver issues, but these are most likely to manifest in the first 3 months of treatment and are more often associated with high dose treatment and MMi is a lower risk than PTU.
    While the reward is potential remission with a fully functioning thyroid gland and no need for ongoing medication/hormone supplementation to maintain normal body functions, and if they should have a relapse they still have all three options open to them.
    With regards to doctors & criticism, like anyone with a firm position on anything, they should be able to produce a raft of data to refute the opposing view, failure to do this can only indicate a lack of knowledge or time, both of which in “my opinion” are an indication of poor medical care with a focus on the welfare of the system rather than that of the patient.
    A good doctor will have the confidence of their patient and will take the time to discuss, inform, reassure & support them through this difficult time in their healing journey and the need for internet support/discussion groups would fade away into history.
    So to Darcy43 and all GD patients I hope you find a healing path appropriate to your needs, there are rarely any easy choices in life usually they lie somewhere between hard & not so hard. Everyone will apply different weightings to priorities in their life and this will then govern why they choose A over B while others will go the other way, both are appropriate with respect to the individual, no matter what ensure it is your choice and you are prepared to take ownership & responsibility for it.