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    Just a short comment.
    I was euthyroid for over 20 years after my thyroidectomy.
    I think we have to remember, that when we were our
    “normal” selves, there were probably small adjustments made in the loop between the pituitary and the thyroid gland, made all the time, and all of our lives. Lots of variables govern it, probably some of them are not know. Certainly the passage of time (ie, aging!) is one of them.

    So, I don’t think there are probably many valid conclusions comparing a euthyroid state, ie, no need for supplemental hormone, can be reached.

    Plus, the current standard of care is, I understand, to obliterate the thyroid gland, so the dose can be regulated by docs more easily to our benefit.
    The old standard of care was to leave a “little bit” of thyroid gland, with the goal of preventing us from being HYPER, but able to give thyroid hormone pills when we are HYPO.
    My two cents.